Happy Lunar New Year!!!


It is the year of Goat and this year I want a healthy me and family, everything else would be a lucrative bonus 💜
*Thank you~


Keep doing it!!

& unless there is a valid reason, there shouldn’t be any excuse for skipping a daily workout anymore!!
*just a small promise of my heart and my mind to my body.
Love this strength training using dumbbells for beginner I found online..


Happy Breathing!!!

How do you spend your free time?


Free time spent on shopping.. Reallyyyyy??!!

Read this in the newspaper some days back, and my jaws dropped reading the question,

How do you spend your free time?
Shopping, of course!! What am I thinking?!
Few months shy of 20 year old, it is such a great time to just spend on shopping.

Oh maybe she gets inspired by Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz, and thinking that by spending her free time doing her favorite activity, she will achieve what Tan Sri achieved.
Nice try, young lady.

Is there a pink frog?


Few days ago,
EL was about to color a frog, pink…
I was about to tell her baby, there is no pink color frog, frog is normally green color, brown color…
Luckily, my curious self popped up and we searched online…

And they are sooo cuteeee!!!
Check them out 🐸 in the link below for photos shared among frog lovers :
Cute pink frogs!!
{Too bad there isn’t enough information regardÄ·ing of these cute little creature, but sure enough their pink is not albinism}
But that little pink dress isn’t the only color capturing my attention!!
I also found some frogs wearing & parading themselves in their beautiful color frog-dresses… here is the link to its photo gallery : Colorful frogs ❤

Moral of the incident :
Check and confirm before spreading any information.

Yes, you may color the frog pink….

Wisdom teeth


Nope, having them doesn’t make one wiser.
At least not for me 🙂

I didn’t have them when I become my own dentist for the very 1st time.
The conversation went like this…
Me : Doctor, I have a ‘hole’ around here need to be filled.
Dr. : (after checking) Filling is not required.
Me : But that tooth is achy, just fill it.
He did exactly as I insisted.
Dr. : Hmmm… Have you heard of migraine?
Me : No wor, what’s that?
He explained, and ahmmmmm…
Migraine was exactly what I had at that time, many more after that.
*Smart arse*

Not long after that, I went to the same dentist for the 2nd time.
The conversation went like this…
Me : Doctor, my wisdom teeth are really bothering, so painful, I can’t bear it anymore, please remove them.
He did exactly as I insisted, but the pain didn’t subside.

Finally decided to go to a clinic and asked for a reference letter to be admitted because I was in too much pain, can’t eat, can’t lay down…
Simply unwell.
After all, it was dengue fever.
The sarcasm was, the doctor had to pay close attention to the 2 fresh holes where the wisdom teeth being extracted, because dengue fever might cause problem in proper blood clotting.
*Smart arse once more*

Recently… I am having problem with my left upper wisdom tooth.
Thank goodness the dentist had migrated years ago.
I have no one to play dentist with anymore.